Quietly observing nature and the people in my life, I use a rich lyrical language of color, shape, form and balance. Through my paintings my intent is to bring about a meaning that is spiritual, organic, and whimsical. I find happiness and release in my paintings, and the abstract compositions allow for a freedom of interpretation.  My paintings don't aim to convey a narrative, but rather they invite the viewer to experience a reflection of their own life meaning. Thank you for visiting!


Off the Beaten Path- Science Museum Oklahoma, SmART Spaces- OKC (April-October 2016)

Meditative Spaces- UCO- Melton Gallery (June 2017)

Transcend- Janette Kennedy Gallery-Dallas, Tx  (August 2017)

Art Hall- OKC (February 2018)

Ethos- Verbode OKC - (September 2018)

Leslie Powell Gallery- Lawton, OK (2018)

Art Now- Oklahoma Contemporary- OKC, Ok (November-January 2019)

Urban Core Artists- Verbode OKC (April-July 2019)

A.Art Garllery- OKC (April-May 2019)

Picasso Cafe- OKC (September 2019)